Monday, August 29, 2005

I had nothing to do with it!!

Okay, I am tired of 'taking the blame' for any two-bit moron with a mouth and enough grey matter to operate it for more than chewing.

In this article some moronic anti-semitic Iraqi/Sunni crackhead, during a demonstration against the new Constitution, by the name of 'Sheik Yahya Ibrahim al-Batawi, an organizer of the protest, read a statement denouncing the "Jewish constitution," saying its goal was to divide Iraq along sectarian and ethnic lines.' ( I appologize for the organization of that sentence but I have altered it several times and can't get it to be completely correct English.)

The protesters chanted "We sacrifice our souls and blood for you, Saddam." Now they are not call for Saddam to come back from what I can tell, so I really think this is a very strange chant. Frankly, the whole opposition of the Sunni's to the 'constitution' is that they are not in control of the country any more. My response: Get over it and look at what you can do now.

Now, since I am already discussing anti-semitic crackheads how about this state for the height of that 'attitude': "Mention the word Jew in anything except reverential tones and it’s like calling the Pope a paedophile. . . . Such is the lock the Zionist propaganda machine has on the way anything to do with Israel is reported that even ‘Jews’ are not exempt from the wrath of the Zionist disinfo blitz as the various vicious campaigns being conducted on university campuses amply demonstrate against so-called self-hating Jews who don’t fall into line behind the mythology of the Zionist state testifies to." This article then goes on to babble sensely about how we are trying to take over the world. William Bowles is the anti-semitic crackhead in this case, and show nothing but unsubstantiated paranoia about how we will take over the world. (Frankly, I wish we would just get it over with so I can begin to legislative eliminate the stupid people like this one.)

"As I watched the extensive, plainly sympathetic coverage of Jewish settlers being evicted from their Gaza homes, I couldn't help but take note once again of the striking double standard applied by American news media as well as the U.S. government.I cannot recall any sympathetic coverage of Palestinians being evicted from their homes. No interviews with weeping mothers or fathers." This is the beginning of a different article which is 'published' by
Charley Reese at Palestine Monitor. I cant help but think back to the beginning of the 'Al-Aqsa (Second) Infitada' where nearly all of the interviewed people about anything that happened in 'Greater Israel' were people like Hanna Ashwari and Saeb Erekat (The Chief 'Palestinian Negotiator'). In addition I remember see the 'proud' parents of the suicide-bomber/murders discussing how proud they were that their son/daughter was the one who was chosen by Allah to become a martyr. It would be a little hard to get them crying later about being expelled from their homes. 'Mr.' Reese goes on to discuss how horrible Israel is and how many people were killed by each side. He 'gleefully' reports the difference in the numbers of dead and injured on each side of the situation and how 'so many more' Palestinians have been killed. He overlooks several things in this that really irritated me. 1. How many of the Israeli's were civilians, and how many Palestinians. 2. For the civilians, what were the circumstances in which they were killed. It is great to blame the Israelis for all of those deaths, but if the 'brave' Palestinian 'militants' were fighting from among civilians, what is crackhead Reese's 'opinion' of those brave Palestinians. 3. Why are there Palestinians wandering about with weapons who are not part of the 'Palestinian Security Services' and why are they able to build bomb-belts? 4. Why can't the Palestinians 'restrain' themselves from kill each other and Jews? (And how many of those dead Palestinians were killed by other Palestinians, like that poor boy early in the conflict when the Palestinian 'militants' engaged the IDF trapping a boy and his father out in the middle of the combat zone and the 'militants' fired shots directly at the boy in order to create a media storm against Israel. Or the outcry by Mr. Reese against Saeb Erekat for his 'report' during the Jenin campaign about the 'massacure' of the Palestinian civilians who numbered in the Zeroes.

I just find this kind of crap makes me very irate. I am not saying that 'some' of his complaints may not be acurate, but I feel that a more evenhanded discussion of the issues would be more beneficial to BOTH sides.

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