Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Heshy rants again

I am not one to normally attack a person, specially one I consider to have issues that are in need of being addressed, but in Heshy's case I feel almost like ignoring it is doing more harm than good.

In his first post today Heshy rants on about how anti-semitism exists because of Jews who are less religious than he thinks they should be. For one thing he uses the fact that Jews who do not go to Jewish institutions (Country Clubs, schools, etc.) for the fact that Anti-Semitism exists. I responded to him on his own websites but felt I needed to address the idea further.

Why is this a ridiculus concept? Well first there is the idea that not every Jew in the world lives in either Israel or New York City. In a more simplistic way of looking at this, not every community that Jews live in have the community institutions that Heshy feels make Jews who don't use them as bad Jews. He further tries to justify things such as the Shoah by blaming it on less religious Jews. As has been pointed out to Heshy many times else where, there were some very religious Jews who were murdered by the Nazi in the Shoah, and there were some very secular Jews who survived the Shoah. This right here should dispell his concept, but I will give a simple, and more human, reason for the Shoah and anti-semetism. Difference, humans fear that which is both different and that they don't understand. Jews are both different and we aren't understood therefore people will fear and hate us. (This doesn't even take into account the fact that Muslims will claim all sorts of religious slight that they use to promote more hate and fear.)

Gush Katif
In this lovely little post Heshy again blames people who don't live up to his standards Judaically to be the reason that the citizens of Gush Katif are being 'evacuated'/'disengaged'/whatever from their homes. Heshy here agains feels that he is speaking for G-D in this. I am really beginning to believe that Heshy is possible bi-polar. (As I've stated else where, I am not a psychologist/psychiatrist but I will play one in the blogosphere.) Heshy continually believes he more than perhaps anyone else believes that he speaks for G-D, that has secret knowledge that only he seems to know. These are sure signs that of the type of behavior common to bi-polar people who are in a manic phase. (These are not the only signs, but they are usually present.) I have urged Heshy over the time he has been posting on his blog to seek professional help, and have even stated, with humorous intent, that he was apparently hearing voices. I am beginning to think this may be true if he believes he is speaking for G-D, dispite his denignals.

So I end this little post with a plea to Heshy on two fronts.
1. Heshy, I really do believe you need professional help and hope you will see your way clear to trying to get it.
2. Heshy, the rants that you post attacking those who are less religious than you will not help attract those who are less religious than you to become more observant, they will, and I speak from personal positions, not help people be more observant, they will drive people away from becoming more observant, and may even drive some observant people away from observance. Why you ask? It goes to what I was saying about human nature, the fear and hatred of that which is different, I personally don't want to become a Heshy, ranting and raving nonsensically on topics with little or no justification, other than secret information only I have, for my opinions.

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