Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Heshy on Kahane and Eden Zada

Heshy, in a suprising move, actually post a fairly congnizant and well thought out post on his own site. Heshy on Kahane

I will say that I had a problem with a portion of this post. I will qualify this by saying I have not researched a large portion of the post and will, dispite my better judgement, assume Heshy is not completely off base in his post.

In his post, Heshy discusses the historic background of Meir Kahane. As in all of his posts, Heshy's point of view is that if he disagrees with someone/something, then naturally it is not authentic judaism. This, while I disagree with it, is not the subject of my problem with this post.

My problem with the post centers on Heshy's discussion of Eden Zada and ignoring some of his background. From things that I have heard/read about Eden after his rampage lead me to believe that he should have been on medication and under treatment for mental illness. There have been statements by his mother that he had problems with anger and that when he went into the IDF for his mandatory service, his mother requested that he not be issued a weapon because of past issues. During his brief military career, he got himself into trouble several times and in the stockade several times. All of this leads me to believe that, as I stated earlier, he may have suffered from some type of mental illness.

I am not a Psychologist, but I will play one in the jblogosphere from time-to-time, so I am not going to try and diagnose what was wrong with the young man. I am not trying to divert attention from the tradegy or remove blame from Eden because of his issues. I do believe that people should take some responsibility for their actions, even if there are extenuating circumstances. But I like to try to understand why something may have occured.

The one thing about the situation I am not sure that I understand, is that he had been AWOL from his IDF post for, going off the top of my head, like 7 months with his weapons. I do question how he wasn't located in 7 months of being AWOL, with the intellegence capabilities of the Israeli government. (I am not suggesting a conspiracy here just rather confused.)

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