Thursday, August 18, 2005

Fun with photo angles

I like to start this post by saying that I am sorry that I could not find the picture I was looking for today. I will continue to look and hopefully I will find it soon.

Instead I have included the video from the Daily Show that I saw.
Justice Sunday 2

The picture is from the Justice Sunday II from this past Sunday August 14, 2005
In the picture our friend Former Senator Zell Miller of Georgia(D) was speaking to the group in the church and those who were watching on the National Broadcast in churches all around the country. The backdrop for the speech is a large copy of the 10 Commandments. From the camera angle behind Senator Miller's head is the Commandment, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. Unfortunately from the angle the word Not was covered by Zell's head. So the genius Christian conservative political movement broadcast across the country a shot of Zell Miller speaking in front of a sign that appeared to say "THOU SHALT COMMIT ADULTERY"

(I sure hope that I will be able to locate the picture.) I say it on the Daily Show last night during their report on Justice Sunday. This is definitely a picture worth 1000 words.

On a related note these two pictures came up on a photo search for the Zell Miller picture. Any one else think this is strange.

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