Thursday, August 11, 2005

Excuse me are you on the run or just selling Amway?

Cab driver Mike Wagers, 33, said he didn't realize he had picked up the
fugitives until he was alerted to TV reports later that evening.

He said his suspicions weren't aroused by anything the couple said, except that they didn't try to aggressively recruit him after telling him they were Amway

"You know, Amway people are all about Amway, and when they
didn't -- when they didn't try any conversation further about it, that's when I
pretty much thought, well, they're not with Amway," Wagers said.

Wagers said he picked the couple up around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, stopped at a gas station, and they paid him $200 in cash for the $185 fare.

Look I am not going to blame this poor cabbie, frankly I have a feeling he may have been lucky to get out of this situation with his life and money, but I have some questions about him not thinking anything was out of the ordinary.

  1. Who did he think these people were if they weren't really with Amway?
  2. Does it seem abnormal to anyone else that he didn't question why they needed a cab ride from what was basically the area of the Cincinnati airport in Northern Kentucky and the north side of Columbus near to a hotel? (I mean they got out at a gas station.)
  3. How did he miss the possibility that there was something wrong with the woman's leg? (Gunshot wounds aren't that easy to conceal, are they?)
  4. Did he not think it might be a bit that they wanted a cab ride about 100 miles from where he picked them up then asked to be dropped off where he was?
  5. Didn't he think it at least a bit weird that they were carrying the type of case on them that they apparently were, but need to take a cab from Cincinnati to Columbus.

I have one additional question, but for the fugitives this time? Why in the name of all that is holy were you heading north toward Canada? I am not sure what is closer, but it seems to me that south toward Mexico might have made a slightly better choice.

The entire story is posted at this CNN Story site.

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