Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The English perspective of Israeli events.

I constantly find the attitudes of people about the events in another country to be interesting. The Times has an article discussing the background of Israeli/'Palestinian' relations over the last nearly 40 years. They discuss, from their perspective, why Bibi's resignation is really a huge mistake and that Sharon is making a great decision.

After reading this article and one I other I did not link to, I found several things of interest, the Palestinians appear to upset because the Israeli's are not turning over the patroling of 'airspace and sea lanes' to them after the withdrawl of Israeli forces from the Gaza. I find this to be amazing they are not withdrawing from Gaza for the purposes of the 'founding' of a free Palestinian state, it is a political trick, and one that, from today's polls of Likudniks released today has completely backfired on Sharon. The withdrawl/disengagement from Gaza, as I surmised the other day when Bibi first resigned will likely result in early elections and possible with Bibi returning as PM.

The article linked to, I felt, was very off base and shows that people outside of a given country can often not have any clue as to what is happening and what it means by not understanding the 'mental make-up'of people who live elsewhere.

Sharon's Critics Clueless

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