Monday, August 29, 2005

The End Of Israel.

Sam Vaknin,Ph.D is obviously a prophet. He is also so in touch with the reality of the Middle East that he makes this statement "Even now, it is not too late. Israel can transform itself into an important and benevolent regional player by embracing its Arab neighbors and by championing the causes of economic and scientific development, integration, and opposition to outside interference in the region's internal affairs. The Arabs, exhausted by decades of conflict and backwardness, are likely to heave a collective sigh of relief and embrace Israel - reluctantly at first and more warmly as it proves itself a reliable ally and friend." Prior to this statement the High-Prophet Vaknin discuss the backround of the Arab-Israeli conflict, I will discuss some of his points on that momentarily, but here we see him actually see a massive change in the way the Arabs deal with the rest of the world. A people who have been at war with other religions for over 1000 years will suddenly change because the Israeli's say "Hey, let's be friends." (After all it's not like this hasn't been tried before with Egypt and Jordan. But hey you just never know if we keep trying it could actually work with say the Palestinians. Just say "Hey let's be friends, work out a mutually advantageous situation and BOTH be better for it.) The Arabs, because of a belief that any lands they have controlled at any time in their history are their lands (And by the way this includes all of the Iberian Penninsula) that they will gladly 'heave a collective sigh of relief and embrace Israel.'

Now to the High-Prophet's other wonderous pronouncements.

"The Arabs, who first welcomed the Jewish settlers and the economic opportunities they represented, turned against the new emigrants when they learned of their agenda of occupation, displacement, and ethnic cleansing. Israel became a pivot of destabilization in the Middle East, embroiled in conflicts and wars too numerous to count. Unscrupulous and corrupt Arab rulers used its existence and the menace it reified as a pretext to avoid democratization, transparency, and accountability." Okay kiddies can we find the High-Prophets mistakes here. 1st He discusses the idea of ethnic cleansing, of course he is right which is why Israel currently has a citizenry made up of, in addition to Jews, Christians, Arab Muslims, Arab Christians (only distinguished for point making), and Druze. It has people from nearly every country that has ever had a Jewish population, including many of the Arab countries after they expelled their Jewish populations in 1948. Israel has continually tried to convince it's neighbors to live in peace, but they prefer the hudna. (A peace until I am stronger than you.) Oh yeah and lest we forget, it is obviously Israels fault that all the leaders of the Arab countries are greedy, power-mad, dictators, it wouldn't be that they just WERE greedy, power-mad dictators.

"Israel will sooner or later face the need to choose whether to institute a policy of strict and racist apartheid - or shrink into an indefensible (though majority Jewish) enclave. The fanatics of the religious right are likely to enthusiastically opt for the first alternative. All the rest of the Jews in Israel are bound to recoil. Civil war will then become unavoidable and with it the demise of yet another short-lived Jewish polity." This is another of those prophetic statements the High-Prophet made. So let's take a quick shot at this one and I will leave the rest of the article for you to 'enjoy.' If Israel continues on the course of action that Ariel has begun, and has announced additional withdrawls for, then neither of the 'prophecies' are correct. First of all there is at least one option not mentioned, and I don't advocate it, and that is the approach of Rabbi Kahane and the Kach movement. Expel the Palestinians from the land. That would be a solution that is neither apartheid or shrinking. Also, the far-left in this world seems to like to compare the Shomron (and formerly Gaza) to that of South Africa. First of all, Israel has never accepted the vast majority of the Palestinians as citizens, and would have gladly worked out a solution to this situation years ago had someone been will to work with Israel. Second the 'civil war' that is unavoidable has been predicted for the better part of a year, it was supposedly going to start with the withdrawl from Gaza, I don't seem to remember seeing any shooting, and I don't think it is very likely. The final thing in this paragraph that really riles me up is the final 'shot across the bow.' Yes we have had our 'issues' with self rule in our 3300 years of history, but guess what oh High-Prophet, we have HAD a 3300 year history. I doubt that you have.

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