Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Ariel Speaks

PM Sharon addressed the nation by tape today and 'explained' the reasons for the disengagement. On thing about this that bothers me is that he is justifying it as leading to the legitimatization of Israel in the world fight against terrorism. I think the rumor's of Ariel's progressive loss of touch with reality may be showing here, I have to question this as a motive. Not because I think it is a bad motive, but because I think that the world will never believe Israel has a right to legitimately fight terrorism.

"A grim-looking Sharon said in a pre-taped 5-minute television and radio address that it is now up to the Palestinians to clamp down on terrorists and stop violence" PM Sharon addressed the nation by tape with one commentator, according to the article quips means "that only he and bin-Laden were the only leaders who communicated to their people in that manner" Looks like the move isn't even providing legitimacy for Sharon inside Israel if he is being compared to the elusive Osama Bin-Laden.

UPDATE: This is not a direct update but a related story that I thought I would add. In a letter that was released to the public PM Tony Blair praises Ariel and states that he has Brittain's support. Oh, goody. Maybe if we give up all the territory we control (including 'Israel proper') Brittain will make a promise to protect us no matter what. Wouldn't that be nice.

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