Sunday, August 28, 2005

And the Peace Continues

Showing the great success of the Gaza and Northern Samaria withdrawl, a suicide bomber blew himself up in Be'erSheba. The rest of Israel is probably heaving a great sigh of relief that the Peace Process has resulted in such a long quiet to date.

Ariel Sharon, showing his unique understanding of the situation, was quoted as saying "Israel has taken the necessary steps to advance the peace process. The Palestinians have not. Without such steps, there will be no progress."

To date there has been no claim of responsibility.

CNN Report

Additional proof of the success of this quiet and success of the peace process.
IDF at Karni-Netzarim Road shot at for 2nd time Sunday.
Palestinians throw stones at cars near Shilo.

Aaah, The sweet smells and sounds of peace on the march.

UPDATE: YNET is reporting that Islamic Jihad is claiming responsibility for the attack. This article has additional details on the bomber himself.

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