Tuesday, August 30, 2005

All Things to All Israelis

Ariel Sharon, under apparent pressure with in his own party where he is polling far behind Bibi, and being challenged by at least 2 others, has given some idea of his plan for the future. Yesterday, statements were made by Sharon and other's in the administration about future possibilities in the peace process.

In this article
the discussion is about statements that now further 'unilateral' moves will be made by Israel and that all future changes in the status will be due to the 'Road Map'and must be negotiated.

Ariel's quotes are "I don’t see any additional disengagements. The disengagement was a one-time step and I dont see another one. ... The next step is to move to the road map. There are no more stages of disengagement. When it comes to what settlements Israel will be asked to remove, this will be at the last stage of the road map ... the last stage of negotiations. ... This subject can come up only in the last stage because anything determined today will be used as a starting point for negotiations."

This effectively puts an end for the near term on withdrawl from settlements, and puts the ball in the hands of PA Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.

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