Friday, August 19, 2005

Ain't Ohio Grand

USA Today Article

Gov. Robert (Bob) Taft(R) becomes the first Governor in Ohio history to be found guilty of a crime while in office. A teary-eyed Taft appologized for the impropiety that lead to this situation. He failed to report approximately $6,000.00 in gifts while he was Governor.

My biggest problem with this whole situation, the Democrats and the Democratic National Committee completely ignored the Staete 3 years ago when Governor Milktoast was running for re-election with the same basic campaign slogan he won with the first time. "Hello I'm Bob Taft, Great-Grandson of a former President, and the son and grand-son of Former Senators. Therefore I should be Governor."

This guy can't even have a decent scandal, I mean it involves not reporting something like 53 golf games. My G-D, Golf games, what was this moron thinking.

Do to some issue with my browser pop-up blocker, which is turned off, blocking the picture addition window. If I can resolve this latter, I will add a picture of Milktoast then.

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