Friday, August 19, 2005

Abbas Praises, This is a First Step

Why do the Palestinians need to turn everything into a reason to praise the idiots they have convince to blow themselves up, not to mention taking a good thing as a good thing and acknowledging it.

Abbas said“We want on this occasion to pay homage to our martyrs, to our prisoners, to our wounded and all those among our people who have made sacrifices.” This was followed byThis step is only the first step that will be completed in Jenin and in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, God willing,” added the Palestinian leader, reiterating his refrain that Israel make additional pullbacks.

Our friend DovBear posted:

"During an interview with reporters and an editor from The New York Times at the State Department, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice offered sympathy for the Israeli settlers who are being removed from their homes in Gaza but also made it clear that she expected Israel and the Palestinians to take further steps in short order toward the creation of a Palestinian state.

"Everyone empathizes with what the Israelis are facing," Ms. Rice said. But she added, "It cannot be Gaza only."

I don't agree. The next move belongs to Abbas. If he can transform Gaza into an Arab Signapore, perhaqps we can talk about more than Gaza. But until he at long last demonstrates control over his radicals, and a willingness to punish criminals, it must be Gaza only and it is obscene for a senior representative of "Israel's best friend" to be calling for additional sacrifices from the Israelis."

My problem with Dovie's comments are that while he, and I must say I, thinks that Abbas has the next move, Abbas still thinks Israel does. This does not bode well for the future, and has been one of the things that I was concerned about with this unilateral move. The Palestinians are taking credit for something they did nothing useful to attain, and now feel that more is due them.

It also appears from the quotes by Abbas in the article that he has no intention of reigning in the terrorist groups in the Gaza.

UPDATE: And so it begins. No matter how much Israel does to accomidate the murders and their enablers on the other side without any kind of steps in response, others always want more.

The Bush administration said go"to work on other issues such as the Sharm el-Sheikh understandings" , which involve the removal of 5 more Yahudah and Samaria villages. We haven't seen the resolution of this step, and everyone already wants more. It will not end until Israel no longer exists.

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