Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sharon Cursed

The attached article discusses the cursing(death threat) of Ariel Sharon. I would like some one to explain the logic of this. Shall we all start just cursing those that we disagree with politically/religously. Doesn't this just defeat the purpose of the whole idea of Jewish unity and family?

Somebody, hopefully, will be able to give a logical explination of the stupidity of this idea.

After more thought about this I desided to add something. The stupidity of this idea really just eliminates the any real sense to it. What they really will succeed in accomplishing is further strengthening the disengagement movement. The death of Ariel Sharon either by being killed by someone or in some other mysterious way will have, in my opinion, a similar effect to the disengagement movement as the death of JFK had on the the civil rights agenda in the US. The death of JFK made it much easier, relatively, for President Johnson to get the civil rights agenda through Congress.

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