Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sand Bullets for Riot Control

Israel has announced that it will be using bullets made of sand to control riots in the future. These bullets are to used to replace the rubber bullets currently used. The rubber bullets have resulted in a number of rioters, the majority of which are Palestinian to be badly injured or killed during the four year 2nd Intifada. Theses bullets will be less lethal as they will break up upon hitting a target.

Two things have occurred about these:
1. What kind of damage will be done to soft parts of the body if they are hit?
2. Will this really work long term to break up an agressive crowd of 'unarmed protestors' who are throwing rocks and Molotov Cocktails?

My thinking is that this will not have a long-term effect. Even if they hurt substantially when you get hit, just like with anything else, a determined opponent will either ignore or shield against the weapon of choice.

I also fear that these were developed more for use in the disengagement. It will go down much easier for the average Israeli citizen if the 'Settlers' are not being shot and killed by IDF forces during their force transfer.

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