Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Colds, Cars, and Other Thoughts.

We would like to ask a little indulgence with anything that may be less understandable than ususally.  We woke up Sunday morning with a cold that became so bad on Monday that we were out of commission the whole day.  Today, we are back to work but still under the weather.
1.  As the image above would tend to imply, we have a cold and are struggle to think straight today.  Wife, as well as several co-workers, was sick last week and we seem to have come down with the cold.  I hate the feeling of being stuffed up, so I tend to blow my nose far more than I should. (Sorry way to much personal information.)  I think I will stop with this thought.
2. I was watching the women's single figure skating last week, and had a 'flash' of insight after the final medal situation.  I kept hearing, and seeing, people saying that 'poor' Sasha Cohen only got the Silver Medal.  I really find that to be a ridiculous statement.  After all, how many people in the history of the Winter Olympics can say that they have won a Silver Medal in the Olympics.  That kind of comment seems to be at odds with the whole point of the Olympics that has enterents like the Jamaican bobsled team. (Cool Runnings anyone.)  Isn't the whole point of the Olympics to bring athletes from around the world together and have them compete so they will increase the understanding of things around the world.
3. On the Olympics, I actually enjoyed the NBC coverage this year for the most part.  For one thing they seem to cover events in which the US is not a traditional contender with the same type of coverage that they covered other things.  We also didn't get as many time filler Sap-stories this time which actually was nice.  My one complaint was the constant jumping between events.  Why, well it really wasn't necessary, after all the events were completed well before the broadcasting of them in the US and I hated this jumping around instead of just completing an event.
4.  The Cleveland International Auto Show opened this weekend and Wife and I went to the show to see the new cars.  (We went Sunday after I had gotten a bit of extra sleep and I was feeling moderately functional.)  The main reason we were going was to see the 2007 Toyota Camry.  We had look about 3 or 4 months ago at the 2006 Camry and decided with the new ones come so soon to wait to see what the new ones looked like before we made a purchase decision.  The new ones are very nice.  They are much sleeker looking that the previous style and are actually a little more attractive.  We decided to get a 2007 for wife, her car is a 1995 Ford Tuarus that is 'third hand' and while still functional looks like crap.  We got ourselves pre-approved for the financing and now we just half to order the thing. The color we are looking at is an Aloe Green Metalic that is just beautiful on the car.
5. There were lots of interesting 'concept' cars at the show.  One we thought was neat was the early 70's inspired Dodge Challenger re-introduction. (No time line on the re-introduction)  It had all of the looks of the its' earlier Muscle-Car inpiration with all the modern lines as well.
5.  Another interesting vehicle was the Ford Super-Chief.  This is sort a super high-end truck with a neat look and this need sort of dual line  breaklight format that runs from one side of the back end to the other.  It also had wood floors and other appointments inside.  Not real practicle, but really cool none-the-less.
6.  My boss had purchased a Pontiac Solistice early last year.  My wife never had a chance to see what one looked like until the car show.  She really liked them, but I found she prefers hard topped sports cars to the ragtop convertable.
7.  Apparently wifes dream car, after the car show, is a dreamy little Austin Martin sports model.  I did feel the need to tease her about being James Bond after that.  Me I would have settled for either one of the Lotuses that they had or one of the Maserati sports coups.
8.  My wife asked me the other day if I had heard any update on the Portly PM's condition.  Which of course I said no, and that I hadn't had time to check on the Israeli news sites for updates.  I am kind of curious what is going on though.
9.  Is it just me or does it seem that Unitary Executive Jr. has completely lost touch with reality, at least on occasion if not regularly.  My wife, as I've state before she is a Republican, has reached the point where the meer mention of his name on TV News or on the Radio has her saying " I wish we could just get rid of this guy."

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